Three Days In Malta

malta banner proper.jpg

Valletta. Super interesting place.

Well. That was an eventful trip. I feel like I need a holiday to get over my holiday! It was busy, but I got to see a lot of cool places.

I took my Panasonic Lumix GX80, and got to properly use it for the first time. It was so nice to go back to basics and have a really minimalist sort of setup.

It's a great little camera. I'm really happy with the image quality so far. I'm going to do a full review in the next few weeks.

I also brought along the Zhiyun Crane M - I got it from the company just the day before, so it was excellent timing. It's wonderful. If you watch my YouTube channel at all, you'll know I LOVE gimbals. You'll also know I LOVE small things. So this is a functional, small gimbal. What's not to love!! Full review to follow.


Sun. Lots of sun. sun sun sun.

The lighting was against me for the most part, but it couldn't be helped. It wasn't a photography trip, rather a family holiday I was trying my best to capture. So that meant going to lots of 12pm markets, and skipping sunset opportunities if the schedule didn't allow me to be a complete camera nerd for two hours or so. Reader, let me tell you... it KILLED me! Especially this one day where we were inside eating a meal as the sun was setting so beautifully just outside. Just out of reach.

I did manage to squeeze in two sunsets though, between all the touristing. The best came from Valletta. We took the ferry across the bay and sat down on the docks with the boats. The architecture across the way was stunning (oh, how I wish I'd packed a longer lens!!!) and at long last, the blinding sun went away.

Lumix GX80/GX85 on Amazon: