(in my very limited and humble opinion.)

They’re like my babies. It’s so sad. But they’re the tool I need to get the images or video I want. Here are my two babies. I have my more expensive workhorse, and also a lovely portable (and affordable!) second camera. Here are my choices:

liverpool and crane 2-11.jpg

Lumix GH5

My main camera. My baby. I’d love to know the shutter actuation count on this workhorse because it must be ridiculous! Video? Yes. Photo? Hell yes. Possibly my favourite camera ever. (And if you haven’t noticed I’m quite the camera enthusiast.)


Lumix GX80/GX85

Best. Value. Ever.

Honestly. This camera is so good. So cheap! So small! So lovely to use. You can get fabulous images from it and it doesn’t have to cost the earth. For instance, I shot all of these Malta photos with the GX80 and they’re some of my all time faves.

The best 3 micro four thirds lenses.

(According to Emily Lowrey.)

I have… quite a few lenses, shall we say? Sort of a mixture between a collection and an obsession. But there are a select few that I come back to time and time again. Here are my absolute favourites, with photo examples:


Lumix 25mm f1.4

OK. I know. I know this one is a little bit pricy. But it is so. so. SO good!

There is also a fantastic f1.7 version available, but if budget allows, I’d definitely recommend this lovely piece of glass.


Olympus 9-18mm

This lens, frankly, wrecks with my head. It is old, it is plastic-y, it is not fast. But it is somehow… magic?

Some of my favourite landscape images have been taken with this lens. And I just love it with all my heart, flaws and all.


Olympus 45mm f1.8

This is a cracking portrait lens, and it is also one of my favourite things: CHEAP! It’s small (so small I have almost lost it a few times to be honest.) The results are stunning.

Audio. Slightly less sexy, but still necessary!

Just look at this tiny thing!



Tiny, versatile, has a hundred uses. Lapel mic? Sure. Location mic? Easy. Stick it on your camera. Stick it anywhere you fancy. The GoPro of microphones, and an absolutely ideal companion for those cameras without mic inputs (such as the GX80)

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Here’s the rest of my kit

Over at Kit.com. All the photography, lighting, and accessories I love with descriptions and video examples.