Micro Four Nerds Lightroom Preset Pack #1


Micro Four Nerds Lightroom Preset Pack #1

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Micro Four Nerds Lightroom Preset Pack #1

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Micro Four Nerds Preset Pack #1

I edit all of my paid work and… well… I currently edit ALL of my photography with these presets, so if you like what I’m posting on Instagram, on here, and on my YouTube channel, then I think you’ll love these!

4 Lightroom presets based around a similar desaturated look with an emphasis on yellows and teals. Pack includes:

1. Couples (named Liverbuilding)

2. Weddings

3. Weddings Boost

4. Landscapes 

These work brilliantly for landscape and street photography as well as people. Have a look at the examples below. All my examples are taken with micro four thirds cameras but they’ll work with any brand camera that shoots raw.

Each preset has a similar, unified colour scheme, but is tailored to different styles of photography so no matter what you shoot, there will be a unified look that will work. (It makes your Instagram feed look pretty rad and organised, too.)