A Brief History of Micro Four Nerds

micro four nerds history.jpg

Just a quick blog to say WOOOO! 

When I posted my first video to my YouTube channel on March 7th 2017, I was aiming to gain 100 subscribers within the first year. That was my wildest dream goal. I thought, who the hell would want to listen to me rant and rave about cameras online?!

To my utter shock, by March 9th, 2017, immediately after my first video, I had 138 subscribers! What the hell?! It has tapered off somewhat since then (and quite right, I'm still an odd little sausage chatting about camera gear, after all) but I'm still super proud that my little channel has gained nearly 7k followers in that first year. That's 6900 more than my wildest dreams. That's a bit cool if you ask me.

In June 2017, Christian (a wonderful photographer who also loves m43 cameras) contacted me and suggested we start a Facebook group with the same name as my YouTube channel. I said, HELL YES. This was already way beyond my expectations, so even a small enthusiastic group on Facebook would be loads of fun. We could share photos, chat, and inspire one another. What's not to love?

The first trip I ever made with my Micro Four Thirds cameras. Shot on Olympus Pen F

The first trip I ever made with my Micro Four Thirds cameras. Shot on Olympus Pen F

To my surprise yet again, the group started to gain some traction. We soon added another admin, Harry, who is also a fabulous photographer with a collection of vintage lenses that make me very jealous. He has the cutest dog in the world, Nikki. (I think of Nikki as our fourth admin to be honest. She's such a part of the team now.)

We had so much fun in our group chat this past year, coming up with photo challenges and different activities for the group. We call ourselves, affectionally, Nerds. And now our little following have become Nerds too.

Fast forward to today, May 2018, we have two more amazing admins, Danielle and Sebastian, as well as an Instagram page under the Micro Four Nerds banner. The Facebook group has just passed 4k followers! That's so wonderful. And I'm not one to brag, but our Facebook group has become the largest independent Micro Four Thirds group on the entire platform. That is, not owned officially buy a brand. Just fans. How cool it that? What a little Nerd army!

So that is a brief history of Micro Four Nerds. If you are a Nerd on any of these platforms, thanks so much for coming along on this journey with us!

- Emily

(sometimes known as Chief Nerd, which made me laugh for an entire day)