After visiting Sardinia in 2017 for my lovely friends’ beach wedding (omg it was stunning), they invited us back for a little holiday with them. So of course we jumped at the chance.

Despite visiting Sardinia twice now, I feel like I’ve only experienced a small portion of the island, and there’s so much left to explore. It’s a place I see myself coming back to time and time again, not just because it’s BEAUTIFUL, but also because of the memories I’ve made there with the people I love.

We flew in to Olbia, then drove to our base in Capo Testa. We then spent a few days exploring the coast, stopping at small towns, beaches, and coastal walks.

Sardinia is amazing because the coast has both epic beaches and really cool rocky areas too. They’re simple and grippy to climb on and honestly you can lose hours just scrambling further and further down the coast. Loads of fun!

Sardinia isn’t the greatest place in terms of light pollution, but on a clear night you can get some good results for some astrophotography.

We also visited an animal sanctuary, and I made a friend in a sheep called Mint. 

So here are my favourite images from my trip. I took a very minimal kit: